There is no other LED grow light that comes close to what the Radiant Series of products can do. Our revolutionary patent-pending LED chip design incorporates 100 light emitting diodes (LED’s) on a chip the size of a postage stamp. This technology allows for the illumination of unparalleled spectrum levels and industry leading PAR output levels, establishing the Radiant Series by ALT as the most effective and efficient grow lights in the world.


It’s all about spectrum and ours provides maximum growth potential.


Our cutting edge LED chip design is the most advanced LED technology in the industry.


Conserving energy means brightening
profit margins.

The difference is clear. Until now, no one has been able to produce an LED alternative that provides the full color spectrum needed to optimize growth for indoor agricultural. The Radiant Series and our unique formulation of LED diodes can illuminate the richest violets, the truest blues and the purest reds making it the clear choice among serious commercial growers.


Plants fall in love with the Radiant Series because it helps fulfill their growth potential. It’s the only indoor grow light that nourishes plants with the optimum spectrum needed. Commercial growers love it too because it substantially reduces energy costs and increases profits.
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The Radiant Series is not only the most effective LED grow light; it is also highly efficient. Our new LED technology reduces your energy footprint by more than 75% yet increases your crop yield. Energy cost is the largest expense for any indoor grow facility and now there is an LED alternative that reduces this expense and exceeds the performance and results of standard HID lights.
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