Grow Lights:

Cost Efficiency and Performance


ALT LED grow lights offer you the ability to save money on electricity costs, while providing your plants the powerful light they need for optimal growth. Our revolutionary LED chip technology is powerful, energy-efficient, and has proven to produce bountiful harvests and significant savings.

A Typical 25,000 sq. ft. Grow Facility’s Estimated First Year Savings

as much as

$1.7 Million

add as much as


To Bottom Line Profit

Savings and increase in profit may vary based on location, kWh cost, grower experience, and local environment.


Per 1,000 Sq Ft. ALT R-2000 LED High Intensity Discharge (HID)
# of Lights 62 62
HVAC Cost ($) $4,000 $15,000
kWh Usage Per Hour (Lights) 29.76 66.96
kWh Usage Per Hour (HVAC) 3.0 22.1
Combine Total kW Usage per Hour 32.7 89.1
Reduction in kWh Usage 56.3 0.0
Electric Company Rebate
   *$400 per kWh reduced
$22,528 $-
Annual Operational Cost (* based on 15 hrs/day avg.) $23,300 $63,386
Annual Operational Savings (per 1000 sq ft) $40,086

Time of Return On Investment: 8.5 Months

* Cost comparison and pay back time are calculated based on $0.13 kWh cost. This is the average kWh cost in the following states: District of Columbia, Delaware, Oregon, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Alaska, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, Hawaii. Annual operating savings may vary based on location, kWh cost, grower experience, environment, and local Power Company incentives


Of course, cost savings would be meaningless if the results weren't there. The Radiant Series was proven to not only be cost-efficient, but results driven as well. Yields and potency were tested and proven to be significantly higher than industry averages.

Highlights From Independent Third Party Grow Test Using ALT Lighting Exclusively :

Yield of Dried Material Potency of Medicinal Content

Industry Average = .4 grams / watt

(Source: 6/12/14 )

Industry Average = 15.0% TAC

(Source: 7/31/13 )

Radiant 500 = 1.6 grams / watt Radiant 500 = 19.4% TAC *

* Test was performed by SCLabs.