Radiant Series

ALT’s Radiant Series lighting delivers the highest Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) in the industry. More photons delivered to the target creates the maximum stimulation of the Krebs Cycle and an increase in ATP Synthase to accelerate photosynthesis. The result is a better performing LED grow light.

The brilliance of the Radiant Series is in its many applications: Its industry-leading color spectrum, which produces the most optimal hues of violets, blues and reds for increased growth potential. Additionally, it is designed to reduce energy consumption, while increasing growth performance. Our patent-pending LED lighting is designed for growers who want to produce better tasting food products and more potent medicinal products, while at the same time reducing energy costs by more than 75%. Click Here to learn more.

Imagine better looking plants, better tasting plants, and a higher crop yield, while at the same time reducing energy costs. It’s not only possible, it’s here!

  • Spectrum

    It’s all about spectrum and ours provides maximum growth potential.

  • Technology

    Our cutting edge LED chip design is the most advanced LED technology in the industry.

  • Efficiency

    Conserving energy means brightening profit margins.